Monday, January 31, 2011

Never to old to learn? I hope!

The past couple of days have been spent in front of my computer.  I would much rather be painting, but as you all know...the buck can’t stop there...not if you want to market yourself and your art.  In Kelly Rae’s e-book, she talks about that giant learning curve.  Trying to build a website, social networking, blogging, and all the while creating her art.  It is overwhelming and sometimes bewildering the amount of information one must assimilate to “have a presence” on the world wide web!  I have always used iweb to build my site, but I want more than it can offer now.  I’m in the process of learning a new software program called Freeway Pro.  Lots of neat stuff there, but my brain is on overload.  I also know I will use paypal for my e-commerce.  Reading how to integrate that into Freeway....well, it’s not rocket science, but it is fairly involved for someone like me.  Someone like me...who knows just enough to really get herself in trouble.  On top of the new software, I have been trying to make prints on my new printer.  I learned how to calibrate my computer screen and I’m learning all about color profiles and such.  One that front, I think I am making progress.  I will more than likely end up purchasing calibration hardware to help me along the way.....oh, goody another manual to read!  Let’s not forget photoshop elements.....I know my way around there fairly well, but now I want to create some graphics to put in my new website so once again I’m reading and watching tutorials......thank goodness for the web......REALLY....did I just say that!  I’m not sleeping well these days, my poor little brain is doing it’s best to catalog and process all this new information and I think it may be running out of storage room very soon.  I’m taking a break from all this today....a trip to the laundry mat is in order, so glad I already know how those machines work.  Tomorrow......I paint. 

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