Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lion Cub

As I had mentioned last post....I had decided to start another painting.  Trying something new...trying to be more productive.  I find I need to take a break from my paintings....even if it is only for fifteen minutes.  It gives me new perspective.....seeing it with "fresh" eyes.  Unfortunately that cuts down on productivity.  I don't want to sacrifice quality for productivity by forcing myself to continue to work on a painting.....when I'm starting to feel restless or bored.  So, I'm going to simply switch to another painting.  We'll see how this works out. 
This "new" painting is of a sleeping lion cub, snuggling up with a blanket.  It is a long overdue gift for a cousin of mine that had a little boy last October.  I promised I would do something for the nursery, but I just could not seemed to get "inspired".  Finally, I got the bright idea to look through some of her facebook photos of the nursery.  Quite by accident, I stumbled across some of her vacation photos and found this cute little guy.  He is perfect.  What could be better than a cute little baby animal, snuggling with a blue blanket....and it will remind her of a great vacation as well.  Here is a photo of the very early stages...starting to block in some shadows and highlights.
Too cute......don't ya think!

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