Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Heart is Sad Today

Today I received an update on the three little squirrels we rescued a few days ago.  The little male, the one who had fallen from the nest, passed away yesterday.  The folks at the refuge did all they could, but they suspect he was probably injured internally in the fall and he just couldn't hang on.  At least I know he was well cared for and felt safe and warm and loved for the few days he had on this earth.  I also know he was one brave little guy; for if not for him leaving the nest, his sisters would have surly died.  The "girls" are doing very well and have even been started on some solid food this week.  As I mentioned, the refuge has ask that I do a painting for their auction in October.  I'm going to call the painting "Brave Heart" and it will be of that sweet little male squirrel.  I'm also going to include the "story of Brave Heart" in a packet on the back.  Brave Heart may have been small and frail, but this heart was brave.......and he will be remember the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing with 'Blogger' and New Project

I am trying to re-design my blog.  Things may get ugly......but hang in.......and hopefully I will find something that works.  I have to admit I have not spent much time here in blog land and not much time on my art.  Life just keeps getting in the way of things.....I get determined to make a change and then "whoops!" procrastination.....that age old enemy of mine sets in and everything goes know.  I have struggled with that enemy my entire life.  I'm not big on popping pills, but I'd sure sign up for one that would put an end to that nasty habit......."never do today, what you can put off til tomorrow"......I need a new mantra!

Ok, so what is on my artsy mind today.  I do have an upcoming project.  A few days ago, my husband and I manage to save 3 baby squirrels.  It seems mama squirrel was not coming back and the babies would soon starve.  We rescued them and put them in the competent hands of Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center.  I think all three babies have a good chance of survival.  The Wildlife Center asked me if I would be interested in donating a piece of art for their upcoming fundraiser auction.  I said yes.  A few years ago, I donated the painting you see below.
Red Tailed Hawk
I'm sure you have guessed what my subject will I just happened to have some very cute photos for reference.  The auction, I think, is in October.  I will post some photos as the work progresses.  I'm in that 'thinking' stage right now.  I have to visualize my ideas in my head......I especially like doing that right at bed time.....if I'm lucky I will actually 'dream' an idea for the painting.  Sounds weird, I know......but then I have been kinda weird my whole life.  Us 'creative types' we just approach life a bit differently than the rest of the world......and that is 'ok' by fact, I kinda like it that way.......