Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bedroom Mural Two

Ok, here is step one.  I have the bed and the top platform moved back out of my way.  Now I must prep the wall.  What you are seeing is typical wall board used in trailers.  I washed everything down and now I am applying a coat of Kilz.  Once this dries, I apply two coats of my basecoat paint......which is nothing more then regular wall paint in a robin's egg blue. color.
This is the first coat of glaze.  I applied various washes of blue, green, yellow, and brown.  While the glaze is still wet I applied saran wrap.....remove the wrap and then soften the remaining texture with large, soft dry brush.  I then go back and very loosely add some foilage.....again softening with  a soft dry brush.

I know it does not look like much.....yet.....but I am pleased and tomorrow I will start sketching in some of the middle and foreground areas.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let the Mural Begin

Today is finally the day.  We made it to Dallas and we will be here for another two weeks.  Time to get started on the bedroom mural.  Today will be spent moving the bed.....I know sounds easy, but when you live full time in a fifth wheel....nothing is easy.  Our bed rest on a platform and in order for me to paint the entire area....I have to not only remove the bed, but also part of the platform.  Don't worry I will get some photos for those of you that are curious.  Once the bed is out of the way, my goal is to prep, prime, and get a basecoat on the wall.  Hope all this dries in time for us to put the bed back together to sleep tonight.  Since all the more decorative elements will take place above the height of the mattress, I'm hoping we will not have to remove the bed and platform tomorrow.   Fingers Crossed!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We have been having a great time here in Rockport with our Rv Dreamer friends! 

Yesterday, I did a little shopping and found a little something special that I will add to my planned mural in our bedroom.  No, I have not got that project underway......yet....we are having too much fun visiting with friends.  We leave here on Sunday and on to Dallas.  There is where the 'magic' will stay tuned.  I plan on giving a "step by step" accounting of the bedroom mural.  It is going to be a tropical design......lots of foliage, a parrot or two, and maybe even a lizard!