Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are in travel mode these days so not much time for painting or sewing. We are currently in Mobile Alabama, but will be leaving today for New Orleans. We plan to spend about a week in New Orleans......maybe I will have time to do a little painting or sewing. I have never been to New Orleans and I'm very excited to see the place. We will be staying at a nearby state park......

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here is a photo of the lovebird painting I did for my cousin's open house. This is done on Gessoboard and I used Traditions Acrylic. This is my first time painting on Gessoboard and I LOVED it. The smooth surface makes putting in all the details a breeze. I just really like how it felt under my brush too. Traditions is a new line of high pigment, professional paints brought to the market my DecoArt. I have done a lot of decorative painting over the years and DecoArt was always my paint of choice. So, I was interested to see how the Traditions were different. You can look up all the tech-no stuff on the web.....I'm just here to tell you that I liked working with them. My favorite thing is the ability to 'lift' the color once it dries. You can also seal each layer as you go, once you are happy with it. If you have not guessed, that is how I work... lots and lots of layers.

That's about it for today.....we are moving today. Moving our fifth wheel to a new location, my Uncle's marina here in the Tampa area. We have an on demand hot water system that seems to be on the fritz! We need to get that fixed before we head over to New Orleans.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here is the copyright free photo I'm working from for my flamingo painting. I'm afraid I have not gotten very far on the painting. In fact, I finally had to set it aside. You know sometimes you just get to a point where nothing is working and that is where I was at with this painting. Just when I had convinced myself that I would never paint again....a new project presented itself. My Aunt and Uncle's youngest son bought a home and I was invited to the Open House. I decided I would do a painting for my cousin and his girlfriend. The painting is of two love birds and I will share a photo in my next post.

In the beginning, the painting did not go well and once again I was sure I had lost whatever artistic talent I once possessed. My husband was doing his best to reassure me and reminded me of how long it had been since I picked up a paintbrush......a good 6 to 7 months. BUT, painting is like riding a never forget....right? The next morning.....I began again....and this time the my creativity flowed easily from by brush. What had changed? I have not a clue. All I know is... I'm back.....the artist is again at her easel and happy. I finished the painting yesterday and I could not be happier. Oh, it is not perfect. There is always room for improvement, but it is what it is and I'm happy with it. I'm looking forward to giving it to my cousin and hopefully he too will find a smile on his face as he gazes upon it! After all, that is my biggest reward.....when another finds my work pleasing....

I can't wait to get back at my easel and back to that flamingo painting......I am more determined than ever and with a renewed sense of my artistic self......