Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colorado Springs

We made it to Colorado Springs and decided to spend two nights here at the Mountaindale Cabins and Rv Resort.  Really nice campground and we had a wonderful spot.
We had some pretty cool neighbors too!  Meet Mac and Molly.........
They have their very own radio show on Pet Life Radio.  It is called, "On the Road with Mac and Molly", check it out if you have the time.  Of course, their owner Donna does do most of the talking....LOL!  There is even a possibility that Mac and Molly may do an interview with me sometime in the near future.....wouldn't that be a hoot!
Guess that is all for now, today is another travel day.  We will be starting our journey across Kansas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tomorrow Travel Day

We managed to survive the 60+ winds of yesterday and awoke to a chilly 32 degrees this am.  I have to say our trip to Santa Fe has not been a pleasant one weather wise.  To top it off, I have come down with a nasty cold.  I have been healthy all winter and now it really irritates me that I'm sick.  We are going to try and do a little sight seeing today...our last day here.  Tomorrow we will head out to Colorado Springs and I have to say I'm ready to put Santa Fe in my rear view mirror.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Awe Inspiring....

Wow!  The last week has just flown by....the Grand Canyon was awe inspiring and then we moved on to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.....just take a look.....
The Grand Canyon
The Painted Desert
I did manage to find a few critters......
Unfortunately, I had my wide angle lens on here so I couldn't get as "zoomed" in as I would have liked.....
Love all the colors in this little guy
Pretty little birdie perched on a piece of petrified cool is that!
Now, we are located in Santa Fe New Mexico.  We are staying at the rodeo fairgrounds....yes, the rodeo.  When the rodeo is not going they allow folks like us to come in for a mere $20 a night with full hookups.....that is way cheap for Santa Fe!  I have horses and cows right next door!  This has all been great fun, but I do miss having a paint brush in my hand!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Viva Vegas

The last few days have been crazy......but so much fun.  You can check out my travel blog for more info and photos.....  The GoodeLife  ....  Here is a sneak peak at some of the "Vegas Action"
This is my kinda action.....watching the flamingos at the "Flamingo" Casino.....LOL!

Tonight we are in Williams Arizona and we are going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow...can't wait!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Packing up the Paint Brushes

I'll be packing up my paint brushes for awhile.  As I mentioned yesterday, we will be heading to Las Vegas tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will have some good photos to share with you.  Today will be spent readying the fifth wheel for travel.  We have been here in California for about a month....the longer you stay in one place it seems, the more you "spread out".  That translate into re-packing and arranging things for travel.  I always go through all the cabinets making sure everything is secure....believe it or not adding a roll of toilet paper here and there for filler keeps things in their place as we go down the road.
After Vegas we think we might head over into Colorado....neither of us have been there before and Sante Fe New Mexico is also on our travel agenda.  The gypsy in me can't wait to see what's "around the next bend" or "over the next mountain top"!!  The Adventure Awaits....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Future Paintings

I made another trip to the zoo and I now have over a 1000 photos....great reference material.  There is so many to choose from that I am having a difficult time making a choice...LOL!  I think I have narrowed it down to these 3 subjects....
 This guy has been running around in the wash area behind our fifth wheel.  They just fascinate me and I think she is a little curious about me too!
 I have a ton of photos of this little girl....she is very photogenic.  My thoughts are to do several different "head shot" poses.  Not sure if they will be on separate canvases or combined on one large one.
Oh yeah, he is NOT a morning person.  Every time I went by this guy's enclosure he was sleeping in his den.  I had pretty much written him off...and then "bang!"  there he was.  It was early morning and I don't think he is too happy to see me, but I got some great pics.
This Saturday we are "hitching up" and heading to Las Vegas for 3 nights.  After Vegas we will be making our way to Santa Fe, NM and spend a few days there.  I love this lifestyle!
My pelican painting and the old truck are still on my easel.....close to being finished....I'll post once they are done.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zoo Day

I went to the Zoo on Wednesday and OH, what a day I had there.  Billy dropped me off around 9am.  I was loaded....had both my lenses, my camera, my monopod, my umbrella, and water and a snack.  It was an overcast day, which made it nice temp wise.  It did sprinkle a couple of times, but I had my trusty umbrella so I was good.  I really took my time and got some great shots....around 500 photos.  By the time I left I was really tired....I think it was around 3pm when I decided to call it a day.  I certainly can't post all 500 photos, but here are a few of my favorites.
 I was actually shooting the flowers when this little guy magically appeared in my view cool is that!!
 Look at all those teeth!
It was around 3pm when I went back home and there was not a part of my body that didn't kinda of ache.  Just not used to all that walking....especially with a backpack.  It was so worth it though and I do plan to go back.  So much to learn about the camera.....keep in mind that all these shots, with the exception of the hummer, were taken either through glass or a cage. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Camera Lens

Well, so much for Utube and so much for the pelican.  Oh, I'll be back to them in a few days, but I purchased a new telephoto lens for my camera and I just had to play!  Look what I found fluttering around the pond.

Aren't they beautiful!  I need lots more practice getting these kind of shots, but I'm just thrilled with how well these came out even with my limited photography skills.  Weather permitting, I'm off to the zoo tomorrow!