Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colorado Springs

We made it to Colorado Springs and decided to spend two nights here at the Mountaindale Cabins and Rv Resort.  Really nice campground and we had a wonderful spot.
We had some pretty cool neighbors too!  Meet Mac and Molly.........
They have their very own radio show on Pet Life Radio.  It is called, "On the Road with Mac and Molly", check it out if you have the time.  Of course, their owner Donna does do most of the talking....LOL!  There is even a possibility that Mac and Molly may do an interview with me sometime in the near future.....wouldn't that be a hoot!
Guess that is all for now, today is another travel day.  We will be starting our journey across Kansas.


Donna K said...

Now those dogs look like they have personality plus. Bet they have a great radio fun.

Donna aka Froggi said...

We love that park...stayed up on the hill like you did. Opted to stay several extra days, it was so relaxing! Of course it was much later in the year...LOL!