Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OH, What a night!

I posted this on my travel blog......then I decided it "bares" repeating and I am posting here in my art blog as well.   Hope it gives you a nice chuckle!

We did have quite a night a few days ago.  I keep a small lamp next to our bed...on one of those little shelves.  I put the lamp over on the sink vanity at night so I don't accidentally bump it in the night.  Well, Billy needed to retrieve some tums from our medicine cabinet somewhere around 1:30am.  He was trying to be careful and quiet....said the first thing he grabbed was the talcum powder.  When he reached back in for the tums.....there went the lamp.....crashing to the floor with a very loud "bang".  Boy was I ever up and so were the dogs.  Of course the bulb broke, there were fine bits of glass everywhere.  Poor Billy is standing there in his b-day suit ( he sleeps in his b-day suit) looking a little bewildered.  I told him to flip on the overhead light and then I went and got the sweeper.  Once all the glass was vacuumed up, the furballs wanted to go out.  I put on my clothes and took them out.......came back in.....and there is Billy on his hands and knees on the bedroom floor.  I'm like....now what?  It seems he dropped the tums bottle and now there were tums all over the floor.  LOL!  What a sight that was.  Finally....around 3am we all crawled back into bed....What a night and I'm still finding the occasional tum tablet....LOL!

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Leno said...

Sorry, but I just had my chuckle for the day!