Saturday, January 22, 2011

Letting frustration get the better of me.....

It seems the last few days have been filled with activity.....not much time to blog or social network or anything.  We had some great sunny warm days and those were spent out enjoying the company of my rv friends here at the park where we are wintering.  Soon though, my paint brushes were calling me back.  The last two days.....I have been consumed with my painting of the baby lion.  Things were going so well until I started working on one little section of the blanket he is holding.  I'm ashamed to say I let my frustration and anger (at myself) get the better of me that day.  Nothing seemed to work and I was cross with myself and my poor hubby.  Finally, my two fox terriers decided I needed a break from my painting table and insisted on taking me for a walk.  It was a short walk, but it did the trick.  Walking out on the beach, next to the Colorado river....the mountains....the big blue sky....and seeing my two furballs at play.....the tension of my day finally started to drain away.  In fact, walking on the beach I couldn't believe how much I hurt!  My neck and my shoulders were in knots and screaming at me....small wonder I was having trouble doing anything.  When I came back inside, my sweet husband was fixing us tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.....Just what I needed....comfort food!  After dinner, I made one last attempt at that little patch of fabric and "bingo" it starting coming together.  The painting is almost complete and "if I do say so myself" it is looking pretty darn good!  It it so close that I will finish it today.....look for some photos in the next post. 
Speaking of husband and I have been looking to replace my camera.  He did all the research and gave me a list of what he thought I should have...(yes, I am completely spoiled rotten)....yesterday, we found a really good price online and we ordered the camera and one lens.  It is a cannon 2ti 550 and the lens is a wide angle telephoto....I'll share all the details once it arrives. 

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