Monday, January 10, 2011


Two very special things I did just for ME in this new year.  The first, I took advantaged of a great sale price and purchased Kelly Rae Roberts e-book, "The Whole Shabang".  I was so excited waiting for my computer to finish the download... so I could finally know all the secrets to her success.  It is an amazing read and the fact that all the "links" to all her treasured finds and inspirations are live....well, that is the "icing on the cake"!  I had talked myself out of that very many times.  BUT....a little nagging whisper...just kept calling me back.  So glad I finally listened.   One thing I also you travel through your creative path....WRITE IT DOWN and keep take of all those people and places that helped you along your way.   Not only so that you can "re-visited" all those "ah ha" moments in your life, but also so that you can share those important discoveries with others.
The second.....I bought two instructional DVDs by David Kitler.  He is an outstanding wildlife artist.  I have been painting a long time and have purchase numerous how to books and videos along the way.  I finally got to the point where I stopped all just starting running together.  The same techniques, the same theories....I just need to practice....just keep painting....I would improve with time.  I did, but I also still struggled...I just felt I was missing something.  Then I found David Kitler's web site and I was so inspired by his paintings that I decided I would purchase his DVDs.  Soooo happy I did.  I have learned so not only reinforced many of the techniques I was using, but also went on to give me new tools and techniques.  I hope someday I and fortunate enough to met David Kitler....he has a passion about the animals he paints and you can see that "passion" in each and every painting he brings to life. 
I feel as though a breath of fresh, clean air has just blown through my entire being......"I can see clearly now the rain is gone".......been humming that all day!

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Valerie Hart said...

Hi Debra. Congrats on treating yourself and buying Kelly Rae's e-book. I saw that sale and I really wanted to buy it too, but I am coming out of a year and a half of unemployment so funds are very tight...sigh. I do have all of the info from the 3-course saved in a file and I think I will maybe go and revisit it. Did you take the e-course?

Also the baby lion is beautiful! Love the color combo.

xoxo Valerie

Valerie Hart