Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Old Truck part 4

Here is where I am at on the truck painting.....little by little, bit by bit it is starting to come to life.
I have been working on the grill.  Difficult easy to get things out of whack.  Thank is an old rusty if things aren't quite right I can blame the deterioration rather than me...LOL!  Still the grill is in remarkably good shape and it is one of my favorite areas of the painting.  I also have been "noodling" around in the background.  I didn't care for the "actual" setting in my reference photo.....just to bland and white.  So I have been lightly playing around with mountains and cacti. 
If you have never taken photos of your "works in progress" I encourage you to do so.  I find it really helps me gain a whole new perspective on my painting. are just so close to your work, you can easily miss the obvious.  For example, in the close up photo below I have circle an area I had overlooked until I took this latest WIP photo. 
Do you see the line of the fender there....the angle is too steep.  It needs to follow the same line as the other fender.  I'll be correcting that today.

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