Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Lion Part 2

I have been working on my baby lion painting.  As you can see, I decided against the green grass background.  Just didn't give this guy enough "POP".  So, at least for now, I'm sticking with the burnt umber version.  I'll reevaluate the background again at the end.  The lion's face has been a challenge and I'm still not sure if I have it the way I want it, but I needed to move on. I need to see how the rest of the painting plays out and that will help to put troubled spots into perspective.  I always paint from a reference photo....I paint what I see, those shapes and values.  Sometimes find that you need to make adjustments to make the painting work.  I also like to add more color then what I normally see....that is the fun part making the image your own.  I plan on adding some more blues and maybe even a touch of pink among the washes in the fur.  This is going into a why not!
I'm focusing on the shoulder area at present.  It is not working...I need to "re-claim" it as it were.... I spent way to much time with the painting about 10 inches from my face and that is what happens.  I needed, I should have forced myself to step back more often and then I would have seen this happening.  The shoulder has become rather flat and dirty and I have carried the curve of the shadow to far.  Good news is.....It's only easy fix!  I do love the way the paw and the spots are happening....a little more refinement and they will be puuurrrrrfect!  LOL!

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