Saturday, March 1, 2008

Peanut Almost Done

I'm making progress as you can see. I feel pretty good about everything at present. Yesterday, I was ready to pitch the whole project. Funny how that happens, I'll be working along and all of a sudden those nagging doubts start creeping in..........You know the ones. The--"this looks like "poop" thought, or " I'm never going to get this right". At that point, I have learned it is time to put the painting away---completely out of sight. I don't look at it again till the next day, when I have "fresh" eyes. This painting has had its challenges. My biggest mistake was using a canvas with a particularly rough texture. I did sand it before I started, but it really didn't do much good. When you are working in such fine detail it pays to have "portrait grade" canvas. Unfortunately, I'm currently in the middle of "no mans' land"and had to take what I could find. I should have taken the time to put several coats of gesso, sanding well in between each coat till I achieved a smoother finish. Oh well, the trials and tribulations of being an artist! I have also learned that it pays to have a reference photo to work from whenever possible. I spent a lot of time on the little violet closest to Peanut yesterday. I just could not get it right--I was painting from memory. Not a good plan at my age. Today, I located a photo of some violets. I'm much happier with the way that violet turned out. I have another started on the left and I'll probably add one more (ya know, the old "rule of threes"). That's it I'm done for the day---I'm kicked back in my "easy chair" with my feet up at least for the next few minutes anyway!

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