Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boston Terrier Phase 3

Finally, back to work on the Boston. Spent most of the day refining areas and I did manage to block in the body. I still have bunches to do on the face, but I'm pretty happy with the direction I'm going. I do have to say that I have struggled with this little guy. Sometimes it takes me awhile to really "see" the painting. I have to get past the point of painting the "dog" and on to painting the "shapes"----what I actually see, not what I "think" I see in my mind's eye. Once I get in the "zone" things start to come together. I'm able to move quicker and the dog finally starts coming to life for me. At this point, most of the "shapes" on the head are established. Now, it is just a matter of building layers, adjusting values, and adding texture. I think I'm really gonna like that red collar! I'm also looking forward to painting that "hand".

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