Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm back

So sorry, been gone awhile. My husband and I (plus the two furballs) went for a visit with my Mother over in Bradenton Florida. It was a fun couple of days and I think the furballs enjoyed have the run of a large house. Today I will be getting back to "Peanut" and hopefully I'll be posting the final piece soon. I hope those of you that are following along this blog feel free to make comments. I would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions. I would also like to direct you to a blog I have been enjoying, She is currently doing a series on commission works and it is marvelous! She is inspiring to say the least.
I'm still playing around with the "funky flamingos" and I will continue to post my progress. I will be starting a new pet portrait soon. I'm thinking of doing a Boston Terrier. There is one that is staying across the street from our site and he is cute as a button. I took several pictures the other day. I thought you might enjoy seeing more of the process of how I work, so I will be posting more pictures of this piece. Again, please let me know what you think---good or bad!

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