Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giraffe Part 1

Allrighty we go.  Spent the day getting in a basic idea of a background and roughing in a few areas on the giraffe.  The background will change as the giraffe come together and I'm thinking at this point I may add some more green.  We shall see about that later.
I always like to start with the eyes, but sometimes it takes a little bit for my painting "mojo" to come together.  So, I move around a bit.....until my eye starts to truly see.  To see the individual shapes and textures...not the whole.  Ended up that the ear captured my attention and I'm very happy with the way it is coming along. 
I'm using Deco Art Traditions Acrylic.  It is a fluid acrylic and since I tend to work in layers of washes of color the consistency works well for me.  I always start with light values of color and gradually keep adding the layers until the I reach the saturation level I'm looking to develop. 
Next time, I'll share some of my favorite brushes and how I used them to achieve texture.  This is being done on a 12 x 16 gessoboard with 3/4 inch cradle.  That simply means the edges of the board are 3/4 inch and may be painted.....eliminating the need for a frame giving the painting a more modern feel.

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