Friday, June 17, 2011

Step by step....Truck/Hare

Here is another look at my WIP of the truck and the hare.  I made some design changes and decided it was getting a bit to busy in that lower right hand corner.  That is the beauty of acrylics....don't like it.....paint it out and start again....and that is just what I did!
I also lightened up the ground area and went with a more "rocky" look.  I still have work to do on the landscape....going to add some dried grasses around the rocks and the hare.
Now this guy has been a bit of a challenge....I'm not used to working so small!  Thank goodness most of the body and legs will eventually be covered by some dried grasses.  His or her backside will also be covered a bit by the shadow of the truck.  I spent most of my time on the face....where I want the viewer to be focused.  I kinda feel like that story of the tortoise and the hare....."slow and steady wins the race"......LOL!

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Bob said...

Nice artwork!