Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pelican is Finished!

I had such a satisfying day yesterday!  I actually finished my Pelican painting....what a great feeling!  To top it off, I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome.  Have a look for yourself.....
Here is a close up of the beak area....I decided to add a few water droplets as this guy is "fresh" from the water.  Have not done water droplets in awhile, but I think they work well.
Here is a close up of the head....this is my favorite part of the painting.....I love all the colors that come together here.
So there you have I just have to get the painting listed as "AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE" on my web site.  Not as easy as it sounds as this will be the first painting I make available directly through my website.  I will be setting up the whole "shopping cart" system.  Wish me luck....I'll need it....LOL!


paulette said...

Absolutely stunning ... amazing ..right down to the drop of water on the pelican's beak! Wow!

Theresa said...

Amazing job on your pelican! Just beautiful such incredible details! Theresa