Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feathers, feathers, feathers

I know I stated that my next project would be the roadrunner....but.....I had a change of heart or should I say "brush"...LOL.  As many of my regular followers know, I have been struggling with the Pelican's feathers.  I just couldn't seem to 'get it right'.  Yesterday, I had this 'urge' to place that pelican painting on my easel.  I just looked at it for the longest time....evaluating....wondering if I should just plain trash it.  But somewhere from within came this little voice, "One more time....just try, one more time".  I said a little prayer, took a deep breath, and picked up my brush.  It took a few minutes, but things finally starting coming together and making sense.  I think I had been trying to paint each individual feather...and there are so many.  This time I took a little less of a controlled approach.....painted in a more 'painterly fashion'.  I forced myself to move more quickly and focus on the whole rather then the individual.  I hope that makes some sense to are the results.....
I'm very happy.....I wanted to capture some movement here.....that wind swept feeling of a bird that has just landed....feathers are rather askew
I'm not finished with the feathers, but I'm further a long and happier with the results then I have ever been with this painting.  My confidence in myself has been restored....this guy will be finished and will be available for purchase on my web site very soon!  That is a very GOODE thing....LOL! 


Donna K said...

That's looking really good. I'm glad you went back to it.

Wateringen said...


Those pictures of this sweet bird are so beautiful!