Monday, February 28, 2011

Sadie 5

I should have switched over to Rylie, but I'm so close on finishing Sadie that I ended up spending the day on her.  I just couldn't resist getting those "doggles" under control....and I'm very happy with the way they are looking.  I have a little work to do on the shadow area under the doggles on the right hand side, but other then that I'm pretty happy with the outcome. 
Now, I'm focusing on everything below the harness area.  You would think that seeing the way the hair grows is an easy thing, but Sadie's hair is so smooth and close to the body that it has been a real challenge.  The area to the left, above her paw has been difficult.  It took more than a few "passes" to "get it right".  I finally made the decision that the hair kinda wraps around her forward shoulder area and then makes a downward turn to the legs.  Sometimes you have to take what you know with what you see and make the best compromise between the two.  That's what I did and I think it is working.  Today I'm off to the laundry and grocery shopping......till next time....have a great day!

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