Friday, February 25, 2011

Sadie 3 and New Camera

I know I have been "missing in action" these past few days, but sometimes I just need a little break from the computer.  I also have been learning to use and enjoying my new camera.  It finally arrived a few days ago.  The first company we had ordered from turned out to be less then reputable and we ended up canceling the order.  Ordered from Amazon....which is what we should have done in the first place.
Isn't it pretty!!  Oh my, you should see all the buttons and dials!  Thankfully, it has an auto setting which allows you to "shoot" right outta the box.  I do want to move beyond that.....but it will takes some time to get familiar with everything.
I did get a little painting in the other day......
I have not done anymore on the "doggles"....I want to finish her head first so I can see how everything "works" together.  I am fairly satisfied with the muzzle area....I just have a little spot behind her mouth to finish up.  I just can't seem to quite make that area frustrated with it yesterday!  Today is a new day though and after sleeping on it I think I'm seeing it a little clearer this morning.....

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