Friday, February 18, 2011

Calibration Software Anyone?

I know you are all expecting to see more progress on the doggie portraits.....but....not quite yet.  We have had some pretty nice weather days and both my hubby and myself have taken advantage of them.  Had some errands to know, grocery and stuff.  Then I decided it was time to rid my little home on wheels of all the dust bunnies!  Billy (hubby) was kind enough to wash all the outside sparkly and clean!  I decided to comb out and trim nails on the furball front.  Finally, got back to my painting table.  But, not to paint.  Many of you know I am interested in selling prints of my work.  I have a new epson 1400 printer and just purchased calibration software/hardware.  Thought some of you might be interested in what I have done.
This is what I used.  It is a very simple program and I just love it.  It is so much easier to tweak my colors in photoshop now and get awesome prints from my paintings.  Prints that are very close to the original.  Here is how it works.....after loading the plug in the hardware and then hang it over your screen.  It even has a diagram that comes up and shows you exactly where to place it. 
Here you see mine....the thing is counter weighted so it hangs with ease.  Once it is in place the software takes over and does everything.  When it is finished it actually brings up a page with photos where you can (with the click of your mouse) see before and after results of the calibration.   I love it!!

One more purchase....this was made by my darling hubby.  He had a project where he needed a soldering iron.  I have some jewelry designs in my head which require soldering...soooo...I managed to convince hubby to buy a little better soldering iron so I could use it too!  Aren't I the clever girl....LOL!  This is what we settled on.....
It is a Weller 100......kinda a "middle of the road" unit.

Now, it is back to my painting table and Rylie and Sadie.  Next time I'll have photos of my progress.....promise!

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