Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back to Sadie

I spent most of yesterday working on Sadie.  I have been a little apprehensive about tackling those "doggles".  I have not painted a lot of transparent....reflective surfaces.  To me that is one of the more difficult things to render.......
To the left is the reference photo of the glasses.  Below is the painting.  I have not done anything but slap a little color on the frames...just so I would not loose them completely.  I needed to be able to freely apply layer upon layer of washes to build up the darkness of the glasses.  I  am pretty happy with the results.
 I need to lighten a couple of highlight areas and maybe do a little more tweaking, but I will wait till more of the portrait is finished to see how things start to relate to one another.  While I was waiting for each layer of "doggles" to dry I did some work in the neck area and the collar.  Then I bounced up to get the nose and muzzle area underway.  Today I'll let Sadie rest a bit and focus on Rylie.

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Donna K said...

WOW, her coat looks amazing. Makes me want to reach out and touch her!