Monday, March 14, 2011

Sadie almost done!

It has been hot here....but I'm not complaining!  It does make my paint dry up rather quickly though.  Sadie was back on my easel today and I have just about finished her.
 I just have to clean up the background a bit and she is ready to go a cruise-in down the road!  This portrait was a challenge, so much going on with all the collars and those "doggles"...gotta love those things.  I really enjoyed painting Sadie and I am very please with how she turned out.  You can read all about Miss Sadie on her blog


Donna K said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! And the one of Rylie was too...don't know if I remembered to comment on that one. Really enjoy seeing your work, very, very nice.

Valerie Hart said...

OMG Debra! She is just absolutely stunning! You have done such a GREAT job painting her! Big congrats to you! Keep up the lovely work! I just love seeing what you create! xoxo Valerie