Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rylie...delivered, roadrunner, and a rescue!

You'll have to forgive my lack of posting the last few days.  It seems it always takes me awhile to get "settled in" and back to my easel.   I love the site we are located in....there is a big "wash" area out our back.  Look who I found running around back there....just waiting to say "hello"!
I have been wanting to paint one of these hopefully I can get some more photos of this guy while we are here.
It has been busy here.....meeting and chatting with fellow rv bloggers Rick and Paulette , they are the proud owners of Rylie and loved the painting I did.   I even managed to rescue a stray and find it a new home.  You can check all that out on my travel blog.
I do plan on getting to the easel today and posting some WIP's soon.  I did a little sketching on the old truck and I think I am finally happy with the background.  Plan on putting in some washes of color today and see how it stands up!

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