Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sewing Station

Thought you might like to see my "sewing station" here in our fifth wheel. Before Billy and I started traveling I had my own workroom complete with a 1000 square foot warehouse. Now, I have roughly 400 square feet of total living space. Yes, it can be a bit of a challenge to carve out a niche for myself to work in. I tried setting up at the kitchen table, but then I have to 'tear down' every evening for dinner. This way I can leave the 'sewing station' up and running for a few days without encroaching too badly on my poor hubby's space. You can see from the photo that my 'little helper' is always near by!
Here is my 'ironing station'. I used to set up an ironing board, but again it just took up to much room. I found one of these pressing pads that also has a cutting mat on the flip side. I love it......easy out, easy away, and with the cutting mat on the otherside.....well, it just works!

The window treatments in the living/kitchen area are done and looking pretty good. I'll share some photos next post. Yesterday, I also hung my chandelier! Yes, chandelier in my fifth wheel. I have to take it down when we travel, but that is easy enough to do.....more on that later.

I'm getting ready to start the painting process of one of my bedroom walls. Just waiting for some warmer, dryer weather. I really need to be able to open the windows to speed the drying process and help with odors. As I said, this is our bedroom and the bed has to be practically taken apart in order for me to get to what I need to get to....again one of the challenges of living in a fifth wheel. BUT.....I wouldn't change a thing.....love the rv lifestyle!

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