Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 2, 2009

I know this is not my window treatment project, but at least it is a project. I bought this unfinished sofa table to go behind my chairs in our fifth wheel. It works great, so now it is time to get some creative juices flowing again. I decided on a pale green---that is picture one. Next I began working on the legs. I used the original pale green, a brighter lime green, and a darker green. I worked wet into wet to achieve a nice mottled effect. Picture two shows the
legs and the hydrangea plant that is my inspiration for the piece. I'm trying to decide if I want some vines and leaves on the legs or leave well enough alone. I'm also thinking of doing the mottled green look on the top of the table, filling in the rim with hydrangea petals.

Sure feels good to be painting again. I'll keep you updated as this continues.......questions, comments are always welcome and I'll post the answers here on the blog.

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Two Bad Dogs said...

Beautiful...I absolutely adore sofa tables. Versatile pieces, too. My first piece of "out of college" furniture was a sofa table.