Saturday, February 16, 2008

Picture of Pet Portrait

I was able to present this finished portrait of my Uncle's dogs to him last Wednesday. I'm pretty sure he liked what he saw. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. The dog in the distance passed away a few years ago, so that is why the grass looks misty.

I so enjoy painting animals--of all kinds. My problem is finding photos (copyright free). I do try to take photos for myself, but I don't always have access to animals. I would love to paint some African wildlife or Rainforest wildlife, but I don't see traveling to those destinations anytime soon. I guess zoos are my only option at this point.

Right now I'm working on some "funky flamingos" to add to a tote I'm in the process of designing. I went to get out my sewing machine to do some free motion work on the flamingos and guess what? No power cord! I must have forgotten to pack it. I managed to find one available for purchase online so I have ordered it. Hopefully it will get here in a few days---I'm just dying to see what I can do! This will be my first attempt at "mixed media" I plan on adding some beads and embroidery work after the free motion work is done. I'll post some pics as things progress.

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