Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Road

We finally left our temporary home on the Tippecanoe river and started our journey west.  This year we will be spending most of the winter in Arizona, most likely the Phoenix area.  As long as we are in travel art is put on hold.  Most of the time we only spend one or two nights at an rv park.  That is just not enough time to drag out the tools which I need to create.  I would no sooner get my project started and it would be time to pack up and leave.  We travel in a fifth wheel with 3 slides so furniture has to be "arranged" for the slides to come in and then "re-arranged" for comfort when the slides come out.  I know sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't that bad once you are used to it.  I love my home on wheels and traveling and seeing this beautiful country of ours.  If you are interested in the rv full time lifestyle or our travels, please check out my travel blog...... The Goode Life

In the meantime, I am working on my website.  I'm hoping to have that finished and up loaded sometime this week.  Once we get to Phoenix, I will be back into painting and sewing and beading and embroidery......or whatever else my creative energies turn too.  Yes, I carry a sewing machine, all my painting supplies, beading supplies, and embroidery supplies along with me in my fifth wheel.  Storage space is I am very selective of what I carry.  I don't have those normal creative "stashes" that a lot of you do.  I tend to only have what I need for a specific project or two at a time.  One definitely has to have a "use it or lose it" attitude when living in 400 square foot.....which you share with a husband and two crazy fox terriers!

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