Thursday, May 12, 2011

Procrastination or Overwhelmed....maybe a little of both

Things have been so seems everyday is a "do something day" and that "something" does not include my easel.  Part of that is me......yes, procrastination has once again reared its ugly head in my life.  Even though I have a strong desire to get the easel out and paint, I manage to come up with several "good" excuses everyday as to why that is NOT a good idea.  Well, some of my "excuses" are good if I would just act on them.  I really do need to go through all the cabinets and closets here in our fifth wheel.  Space is always at a premium here and you just can't hold onto things you might "someday" have a use for.....time for a good purging and cleaning.  I'm also feeling that urge to "re-decorate" the living room.  I'm absolutely in love with Robin's Egg Blue and want to incorporate it into our living room decor.  That is going to mean new window treatments.....I've been keeping an eye out for that "inspiration fabric", but have not found it yet...I'm toying with the idea of "painting" my own inspiration fabric.  Then there is my web site....which needs updating, my newsletter....which needs to be written,  and marketing, marketing, marketing....eeeeekkkkkkk!  Maybe it is not so much procrastination as it is that feeling of being overwhelmed.  Which ever, I have got to get "back on track".  I think I will start with a "to do" list.....prioritize it.....and break it down into small steps.  That usually sets the small wheels of my brain in motion and amazingly enough my legs and arms will eventually follow!  LOL! 

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