Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trying to get Motivated

Yesterday I spent the day organizing my art and sewing supplies. It seems that every time I even think about starting a project, I have to go on a "search and rescue" mission to locate everything. So, I have rounded up all my different supplies and grouped them together my type (sewing, painting, beading, and ribbon embroidery) and put them in more accessible places. It took some doing, but I think I will now be more apt to "create" knowing everything is readily available.

In my re-organizing I found several 'projects' in need of finishing. That will be my next task, putting together a 'ta-do' list to finish the old so I can move on to new.....

I just found out a nearby neighbor of ours is also an artist. She is particularly interested in fiber arts. She showed me some of her studio and some of her work. It is nice to have a fellow artist close by.....maybe it will inspire me to 'create' more often.

It has really been bugging me lately---that artistic urge to create--I feel the need to find that artist brush between my fingers again.....soon!

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