Saturday, February 21, 2009

Robin Cornice continued

Here are some more images of the cornice I am painting. As always you can click on them for a larger view. I'm sorry about not having some "in between" shots to show more of my process. Sometimes I get so "into" the painting the rest of the world fades and I forget about the camera. I'll keep the camera on my desk tomorrow and hopefully be able to do a better job of posting some 'step by step' shots for you to see.

One thing that popped into my head today. Remember when you were a kid and you laid on your back looking at the clouds.......imagining the different things you could and animals.....remember?? Well, I find the same thing in my painting process. I try to forget the whole, what I mean is I focus on the shapes, shadows, and highlights. I try not to paint a "bird" I paint all those interesting and wonderful shapes and textures that make up the bird....make any sense...give it a try next time you are at your painting easel.........

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Jenny Johnson said...

Debbie do you think it will work for my "stick" figures???