Monday, April 23, 2012

One of My Heroes

Jane Goodall is one of my heroes.  Not only because of what she has done for the Chimpanzees, but also her dedication and determination to the cause.  She is truly an amazing and inspiring woman.  I have been enjoying the many interviews she has given promoting the new Disney documentary, Chimpanzee.  It is all about a little baby Chimpanzee who lost it's mother.  I have not seen the movie yet, but the previews look fabulous.

I have been to many zoos and always enjoy seeing the Chimps.  I can only image what it must be like living among them in the wild.  What strength and courage it must have taken!  So thank-you Jane Goodall....thank you for reaching out, for shouting from the roof tops, for making us STOP and LISTEN and LEARN.  All God's creatures are such precious gifts, they need our love, our compassion, and above all our respect. 

Here is a few photos I captured of a little baby chimpanzee.....

How can you not love that sweet face!

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