Friday, November 21, 2008

At last, I'm going to be getting my "artistic" paint brush out and dusting off the cobwebs. I just finished up the last project for the house and now we are readying ourselves for moving back into our fifth wheel for the journey southwest. My first artistic endeavor will be for the fifth wheel. We are replacing the window blinds and I'm designing some new window treatments. I'm going to be sewing some drapery panels and painting the valances on canvas! Sound a little crazy......well stay tuned I will be posting some photos as things progress. My husband just finished the cornice framework, so I will be starting the paintings very soon. I'm so looking forward to putting my own artistic stamp on our fifth wheel home. The interior is very nice, but there are hundreds more out there just like it and frankly it is a little to "beige" for me. Time for some COLOR and STYLE!

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